About Us

Become a Dental Assistant in Only 10 Weeks!

Our 10 week Dental Assisting School course is designed to give you maximum hands on training in a real, state of the art dental office. Our dental office is closed to the public during school hours so there is no stress for you while learning. There are no real patients and no demanding dentists to criticize lack of speed, so you can rest easy.

    You are just expected to work hard, study well and learn!
    Our classes are stimulating, fast paced, and rely heavily on participation.
    The largest of classes are constructed of one instructor per 10 students, making your education personal and more fulfilling
    Following your training in this ten-week course (80 hours), you will have the confidence and skills necessary to apply for these positions. Along with your diploma, we will give you a summary of your training experience and certifications.
    We get calls from doctors regularly asking for a list of our recent student graduates. We also inform our current class of any doctors in need of Dental Assistants so that they may apply directly for the position. You could have a job in place before you even finish the course!
    Part of your training will involve the Job Interview itself, how to prepare for it, how to dress, what to say, etc. We know it is important to train you in this area so that you will stand out from the rest when applying for a position.